Direct & Explicit Instruction

What is Explicit Direct Instruction?

Explicit Direct Instruction is a structured approach to teaching that engages students through the repeated use of a specific structure, repetition and continued use of Engagement Norm. Evidence-based research has shown that using this pedagogy, compared to an inquiry or discovery approach, has found an average of

  • 35% to 60% more learning
  • In 25% - 70% less time
  • Learning is retained longer
  • At all levels of education
  • In all disciplines

At SMP, all of our teachers are taking part in continued Professional Learning around the successful implementation of this pedagogy and we are embedding it across the school in the areas of English and Maths. 

Structure of Explicit Direct Instruction

Clear Learning Objectives

  • EDI begins with clearly defined learning objectives. Teachers outline specific skills or knowledge that students will gain during the lesson. This clarity sets the stage for focused learning.

I-Do, We-Do, You-Do Framework

  • The instructional process follows a sequential pattern: the teacher demonstrates (I-Do), students practice with guidance (We-Do), and finally, students apply independently (You-Do). This scaffolded approach ensures a gradual and thorough understanding of concepts.

Active Engagement

  • Students actively participate throughout the lesson. Whether through questioning, discussions, or hands-on activities, EDI fosters an environment where every child is involved, promoting deeper comprehension.

Immediate Feedback

  • A hallmark of EDI is immediate feedback. Teachers correct misconceptions in real-time, ensuring that students grasp and internalize concepts accurately. This instant correction facilitates a continuous learning process.

Review and Reinforcement

  • EDI incorporates regular reviews and reinforcements. Periodic revisiting of previously learned material strengthens retention, solidifying foundational knowledge.

Benefits of Explicit Direct Instruction

Clarity and Understanding:

  • EDI's structured approach provides clarity, helping students understand complex concepts step by step. This clear progression lays a robust foundation for future learning.

Active Participation:

  • Through engaging activities and discussions, EDI ensures that students actively participate in their own learning. This active involvement enhances their comprehension and retention of information.

Confidence Building:

  • Success is a powerful motivator. By breaking down learning into manageable steps, EDI allows students to experience success, boosting their confidence and fostering a positive attitude towards learning.

Customised Support:

  • EDI enables teachers to identify individual strengths and challenges. This insight allows for personalised support, ensuring that each child receives the assistance they need to thrive academically.

At SMP our EDi Programs are:

Kinder and Stage 1- InitaLit and Ochre Maths

Stage 2- Reading Mastery Transformations and Ochre Maths

Stage 3- Spelling Mastery, Ochre English and Ochre Maths