Our School Houses

Students belong to four house teams that promote connections to our Catholic story, history and a deeper sense of belonging. Houses are used for healthy competition involving learning, sporting events, assemblies and gatherings.

Marcellin Champagnat (Blue)

Marcellin Champagnat was born in France and, at the age of 16, decided to study and become a priest. One day he was called to a dying boy and found he had never even heard of God, so he decided to start a group of brothers to teach children in country areas. He became the founder of the Marist Brothers, which spread throughout the world and once taught students in our school and St Mary’s College.

Mary MacKillop (Yellow)

Mary MacKillop was born in 1842 in Melbourne. She provided free Catholic education for the poor, opening the first St Joseph School in Penola, SA, in a stable. Mary MacKillop was the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph and devoted her life to the service of God. She is Australia’s first saint and is now known as St Mary of the Cross, MacKillop.

Catherine McAuley (Red)

Catherine McAuley was born in Ireland in 1778. Catherine felt a strong call to devote her life to the service of the poor, the sick and the uneducated, and when she inherited a large sum of money, she used it to build the House of Mercy for the poor and orphaned. In 1831 Catherine founded the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters of Mercy were our school and St Mary’s College teachers. Today the Sisters of Mercy continue her work around the world, working in hospitals, schools and Jails.

St Vincent de Paul (Green)

St. Vincent de Paul was born to a poor family in France. After becoming a priest, he was captured while travelling by boat and sold as a slave. Two years later, he escaped. He spent his life providing for the poor and marginalised. The St Vincent de Paul Society was named after him and followed his teachings and compassion for people in need.